Tips & Hints

Refectocil Sensitive

Additional Tips:

  • Lashes and brows must be oil free before tinting. Use Refectocil non oily Eye Make Up Remover, even if the client wears no make up.
  • Make sure lashes and brows are dry before tinting.
  • Always remove the Colour Gel & Developer Gel with a dry cotton pad - NOT WET!
  • Before applying Developer Gel, make sure that the Colour Gel is totally removed with a dry cotton pad - any residue could affect the tinting process.
  • When applying the Developer Gel, always make sure that the colour of the gel is clear when applied to the lashes and brows.
  • As this is a different process DO NOT mix the Colour Gel & Developer Gel together this WILL NOT tint the eyelashes and eyebrows.

For a more intense colour result:

After removing the Colour Gel with a dry cotton pad wait 3-5 minutes before applying the Developer Gel this allows the hair to dry completely before the application of the Developer Gel resulting in a more intense colour.
This is especially useful for customers with darker hair as it may not grab as quickly as those with fair hair.


Light Brown New Formulation
Due to new EU Legal Regulations Light Brown is a new formulation. Testing showed that the new formulation can be slightly different in certain cases.
Differences include:
  • Colour out of the tube is different but like all tints the colour it squeezes out is irrelevant only when mixed with oxidant is the actual colour achieved.
  • Slightly lighter tinting results for persons with natural red hair.
  • Stronger tinting of the skin was noticed on a few test persons but this was minimal. (This only applies to customers who like the skin underneath the brows tinted)
  • Unlike old formula, the new formula does not darken. The tinting result stays the same as it looks after the application.
  • In some instances the new formulation has a slight odor/smell which is due to one of the new ingredients. This fades once mixed with the correct ratio of oxidant - please read instructions. It has no effect on the tinting result.

What is the correct mixing ratio?
Refectocil Tints must be mixed exclusively with either Refectocil Liquid or Creme Oxidant. Not suitable for use with any other brands of oxidant.

Are Refectocil products tested on animals?
Refectocil products are NOT tested on animals.

Are Refectocil products vegan?
All of the Refectocil products are vegan except for the following:

  •     Skin Protection Cream - as it contains Beeswax
  •     Lash Perm - as it contains Lanolin
  •     Long Lash Balm - as it contains Collagen

Is a Skin Sensitivity Test/Patch Test necessary?
YES YES & YES! There are a small number of individuals who may have an allergic reaction to tints, hair dyes and other chemical treatments. It is only in rare situations that the reaction can be severe. The comfort of the client is essential - to eliminate any discomfort Refectocil strongly recommends a skin sensitivity test be performed before EVERY application. Even people who have their eyelashes and eyebrows tinted regularly can still have an allergic reaction. If the client refuses to have this test, it is worthwhile having as salon policy that the customer would have to sign a waiver. Please read carefully the instructions on how to perform a skin sensivity test which are included with every Refectocil tint.

Can pregnant women have their eyelashes and eyebrows tinted and or permed?
Refectocil policy for pregnant women is that it must be the clients decision. Pregnant women should NOT be advised to have any chemical treatment unless it is their choice to do so. Each individual is different and again if they choose to proceed with the treatment the skin sensitivity/patch test MUST be performed at least 24 hours before the treatment.
Extra Hint and Tip: It is recommended that all salon operators have a treatment risk and salon policy form, each client should complete and sign. So every treatment is explained and you have made your client aware of your salon's policies.

Which colour shade is suitable for which client?
There are 10 different colour shades for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows or for lightening eyebrows. Before tinting discuss with the client their wishes and expectations. With the help of the Refectocil Colour Chart you can easily show, which tinting results can be achieved from the different colour shades. Some shades are suitable for every natural hair colour (pure black, blue black, natural brown, chestnut, red, blond); other shades are suitable only for lighter natural hair colours (deep blue, graphite, light brown, purple). On the colour-chart no colour result is indicated for unsuitable combinations.

What is the correct seating position for the client when tinting eyelashes and eyebrows?
The correct position for the client during tinting is not lying down, but sitting and/or slightly leaning back. The eyes must remain closed during tinting. The client should relax, direct the gaze downward or straight ahead, and not move the eyes.
Tip: If it is difficult for your client to keep the eyes still during the application time of the lash tint place a dampened cotton pad on each of the closed eyes; this makes it easier to keep eyes closed.

Is eyelash and eyebrow tinting also suitable for men?
Colouring of hair, brows and lashes was for a long time the sole domain of woman. But with the consistently rising number of men, who attach particular importance to personal care, men have discovered the incomparable advantages of eyelash and eyebrow tints: to look simply better with longer and more voluminous lashes and brows. Lasting up to 6 weeks! With an eyelash and eyebrow tint men can finally give themselves a little "help", in order to emphasize their eyes. Additionally important for men: compared to mascara, tinted eyelashes and eyebrows always look natural! Open your male customer's eyes!

Eye Make-Up Remover
Is it correct that the use of Eye Make-Up Remover is essential although the client does not wear make-up?
Yes, before each eyelash and eyebrow tinting the hair should be treated with the non-oily Refectocil Eye Make-Up Remover. That is particularly important, because the hairs of the client must be oil free and clean of any make-up residue in preparation for tinting. Only then the best possible and long-lasting tinting result can be achieved.

LongLash Gel
Coloured hair should be regularly treated with a conditioner. How is this with eyelashes and eyebrows?
Not only coloured hair needs special care, but also tinted lashes and brows. Inform your clients of the importance for regular care after brow and lash tinting, and recommend to them the specifically developed care gel Refectocil LongLash Gel. Made of valuable plant oils and enriched with Vitamin E and D-Panthenol Refectocil LongLash Gel helps the lashes and brows to remain healthy, long, strong, shiny and beautiful. As a result clients will be more satisfied with the quality of the tint, because the tint lasts longer on healthy hair. Therefore you should recommend the daily use of Refectocil LongLashGel to your clients!

What do you use the Bleaching paste for?
Refectocil Bleaching paste No.0 blond lightens eyebrows up to 3 levels:
  • To match too prominent or dark eyebrows with dyed blond hair
  • To achieve the desired natural colour (4N to 9N) as basis before tinting with RefectoCil No. 4 chestnut and No. 4.1 red
Bleaching to match too prominent or dark eyebrows with dyed blond hair
Clients with dyed blond hair, whose natural colour is black or brown, will be surprised! In the past "false blonds" could easily be exposed because of their too prominent or dark eyebrows. This belongs to the past as eyebrows can now be lightened by up to 3 levels with RefectoCil Bleaching paste for eyebrows No. 0 blond and as a result will match perfectly with the shade of bleached/dyed blond hair.

Bleaching before tinting with RefectoCil No. 4 chestnut and No. 4.1 red
By using Refectocil No. 0 blond to bleach eyebrows before tinting with No. 4 chestnut and No. 4.1 red you can achieve a variety of red and auburn colours, no matter what your client's natural hair colour is. Refectocil No. 4 chestnut and No. 4.1 red can be used without prior bleaching for natural colours from 4N to 9N. For natural colours 1N to 3N use Refectocil No.0 blond before tinting with No.4 chestnut or No. 4.1 red in order to achieve 4N or lighter, as desired. Cleanse the eyebrows after the bleaching with the non-oily Refectocil Eye Make-Up Remover, because eyebrows must be free of oil and dry, so that with the following application of Refectocil tint an optimum tinting result can be obtained.

Mixing of Refectocil colours
Fundamentally you can mix all Refectocil colours with the exception of Refectocil No. 4 chestnut - with one another. However, we recommend this only to experienced users! With the available Refectocil colours a multiplicity of shades can be achieved and almost all clients' wishes fulfilled. Please note that Refectocil No. 4 chestnut under no circumstances should be mixed with other Refectocil colours! In addition you should never mix Refectocil eyelash and eyebrow tints with other eyelash and eyebrow brands.

How long is the correct application time when tinting the eyebrows?
The application time is different from client to client; it depends on the hair of the client. The tinting effect increases with longer application time. The application time in general is up to 10 minutes, with Refectocil No. 4 chestnut, No. 4.1 red and No. 0 blond up to 20 minutes. If you do not have very much experience with tinting, remove the tinting paste after 2-3 minutes from one eyebrow and check the result and/or show the client. If the tinting result is not intensive enough yet, apply the tinting paste again and leave longer.